Fuel Cell

Plug Power (Plug) is an energy technology company. It focuses on design, development and manufacture of hydrogen and fuel cell systems used for industrial power market. The company was founded on June 27, 1997 by George McNamee and is trading on Nasdaq. Plug’s headquarter is located in Albany Country, New York.

Plug has market capital of $1.6 billion, and share price of $5.06. The stock has 52-week low of $1.86 and high of $6.05. The stock has average trading volume of 19.5 million and beta of 1.2 relatively more volatile compared to stock market. Analysts have average price target of $6.36 for the stock which indicates 25.69 percent upside for the stock.

Plug is one of the most shorted stocks. It has 21.79 percent short interest. The institutional ownership stands at 45.55 percent with floating shares at 320.9 million. The company is scheduled to report next earnings on August 04, 2020. Plug Power is a promising renewable energy company and 86 percent of analysts recommend buying the stock for long term gains while 14 percent of the analysts insist on holding the stock. There is zero recommendation of selling the stock at the current market price.

Plug is one of the most famous stocks on Robinhood right now. The stock has gained over 17 percent for the month, and almost has doubled year to date. More than 320,000 people are holding onto shares of Plug on Robinhood.

Plug power went public on October 29, 1999 with share price of $15 and ticker of Plug on NASDAQ. Plug has been in the market for several decades and has attracted fancy customers like Amazon and Walmart. Both companies use products of Plug for their warehouses’ forklifts.

Plug is a relatively cheaper stock and has attracted hundreds of investors on Robinhood. BlackRock Institutional Trust company is the biggest shareholder of the Plug power company, with shares worth of $76 million.

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